Unity Singularity

The definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 can be divided into three sections or spheres: Acceptance, Humility, and Building Up others. Pride and human anger ‘in the flesh’ causes one to feel self-righteous and look down on another rather than having humility, there is a tendency to tear down rather than build up, and reject or pull away rather than accept. The three spheres of God’s love are the opposite of these negative qualities. When people feel loved and accepted unconditionally and humbly by others they feel safe. They also feel significant because they are being built up in their dreams, talents, gifts, and abilities and their needs are being met. God’s love, expressed in this scriptural balance, creates an irresistible attraction. People want to be part of the overflowing of God’s love, like in the river of living water found in Ezekiel 47. Others will also want to join in and revival naturally takes place. The cycle repeats itself in everyone’s lives. God’s transforming love exponentially multiplies creating more love and unity between people who are being transformed and want to bless others with God’s supernatural love…

Interactive Venn Diagram: Three Qualities of Love Produce Unity from Brokenness

Poly Area1 Poly Area2 Circle Area2 Circle Area3 Circle Area4 Circle Area1

UnityCovenant.com Venn Diagram2-Color, 550x550

How do we use the Unity Venn Diagram?

In any situation ask yourself the following three questions (while also keeping each of the sub-bullets in mind) and encourage others to do the same: “Am I building up others? Am I being humble? Am I making others feel accepted?”

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