A Plan For World Revival

Mission Statement

Institute the golden rule (love your neighbor as yourself) throughout the world. (Galatians 5:14, Isaiah 61…)

Vision Statement

We see everyone in the world loving God and their neighbors as themselves, heaven and earth in complete unity under Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1:10)

The final world revival will be lasting and will spread around the globe. Everything will be touched by it and be fundamentally changed. We are working together to build up churches, ministries, and believers to operate in God’s infinite power and love, and to draw people to Jesus Christ for the glory of God. The power and love of God will work through His people to do things not humanly possible. The principle of loving your neighbor as yourself will permeate everything in new ways. It will improve government, healthcare, education, family, business, media, arts and entertainment, and religion, etc. Jesus Christ will become the standard that people aspire to for the glory of God. Carrying one another’s burdens will be the common thread in everything we do according to Galatians 6:2.

World revival now and into the future will be different from revivals in the past. Past revivals began with Martin Luther’s reformation. They were based on people experiencing God in new ways due to spiritual enlightenment gained by personally studying the Bible that was being translated into common language. Many preachers so enlightened were filled with the Holy Spirit and operated with great influence. We believe that past revivals were short-lived because evangelists would move on from one location to another without a sustainable revival process put in place.

The final revival will be lasting. We have proposed a simple three-step strategic process for sustainable revival going from glory to glory based on fundamental principles, such as love your neighbor as yourself. We are open to further enhancements, criticisms, corrections, and ideas from anyone and look forward to everyone working together to make this happen.

Core Values

  • Love – Matthew 22:37-40
  • Truth – 1 Corinthians 13:6
  • Acceptance – Romans 15:7
  • Humility – Philippians 2:3
  • Peacemaking – Matthew 5:9
  • Building up – Ephesians 4:29
  • Unity – 1 Corinthians 1:10

Competitive Advantages

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit of God with infinite power and love is within us as born again followers of Christ and produces a powerful effect through us that is above and beyond anything humanly possible. Jesus said we will do the same works that he has done and even greater things (John 14:12). There are a multitude of God’s promises and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will activate and put into practice all of them. We help children and adults to activate God’s supernatural power and love in their lives to multiply the productivity of their talents, gifts, and abilities.
  • The Power of Unity: In Acts chapter 2, the prayers and unity of early believers brought about an explosion of signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit and 3,000 people came to Christ in one day. We have a strategy and a process based on love to create unity in Christ through biblical truth and the power of the Holy Spirit. Every person needs to feel safe, accepted, and significant. People will feel so loved and accepted and built up in Christ that it will be like a singularity where everyone feels helplessly attracted to Jesus.
  • The Power of Multiplication: The nuclear family (mother, father, and child) is the basic unit of society. God indicates the importance of the family in Malachi 4:6. The most powerful and effective mentoring and training of people to generate the world’s future legacy is between parents and children in the family. Christ centered mentoring between families and outside the family is also a multiplication factor that can also create a multiplying legacy into the future. We leverage the nuclear chain reaction factor of the family and other forms of mentoring empowered by the multiplication factor of the Holy Spirit found in Ezekiel 47.
  • The Power of Common Sense: Practically everyone in the world believes in the golden rule and the entire Bible is based on the golden rule (Matthew 22:37-40). We simply help people to connect the dots according to biblical methods.

All of these multiplication factors are simply promises made by God to believers in Jesus Christ. They create an “unfair advantage”, yet these factors are not being fully taken advantage of by believers. The scriptures instruct us to accomplish all of God’s promises. We believe that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was to assure all of these benefits and blessings to us and more. We plan to respect what Jesus purchased for us by his precious blood and put these multiplication factors into full action. The world will take notice and wish they could have the same advantages found in Jesus.

Therefore, we leverage God’s promises including the supernatural power and gifts of the Holy Spirit as multiplication factors that give believers much greater productivity than those who do not incorporate his supernatural promises into their lives. In Ezekiel 47 the monthly productivity of the trees being fed by the river of living water (compared with the norm of only a yearly crop) is a 12x productivity factor for God’s people. In support of this, Christ’s followers are understood in the Bible to be temples of the Holy Spirit, and Psalm 1 and Isaiah 61 also describe God’s people as trees to display God’s splendor. Christ-empowered mentoring is like the living water from the temple in Ezekiel 47 feeding the roots of the trees along the river producing a 12x productivity factor more than worldly people can achieve (such as Harvard U., MIT, Yale, etc.)

Our system is self-replicating by training youth to duplicate and pass down the same mentoring process that they have experienced to the younger generations and then training them to do likewise, etc. We include parents, according to Malachi 4:6, in this process since we view the traditional family structure as a powerful “nuclear family” chain reaction expanding exponentially into the future.

Loving God and loving others, according to Paul in Galatians 6:2, means carrying one another’s burdens or building up others in their needs, gifts, talents, and abilities. We have a track record of helping people and businesses, etc., to solve their problems and move them from point A to point B according to their needs. One way we have done this is to connect businesses and mature talent who want to provide some free help or mentoring to people who are in need. Our strengths are in problem solving and in developing people in their experience with God and his multiplying power in their lives through prayer/praise/Bible study. We help people develop their spiritual gifts, develop strategies, solve problems, efficiently develop products and production, develop teamwork, and prevent and manage conflict. We have a long history in engineering, design, production, and leadership:

  • Ministry examples: Entrepreneurs InC., Power Production, FreeSkilledLabor.com, FreeProfessionals.com, and FreeProvisions.com, to connect any local church to the needs of all classes of people from street people to professionals in their neighborhoods in a spirit of love.
  • Helped to start, develop, and direct a non-profit evangelical ministry to youth whose purpose was to develop Christ-centered bands and music performances for evangelism and glorifying God. Many souls were saved and many of these people are now accomplishing great things for God
  • Designed two recording studios and provided professional audio consultation
  • Developed music groups as album producer and recording engineer in the Christian entertainment industry
  • Helped to develop producers and directors and actors and various other expertise to create amateur films/movies
  • Developed prayer/praise and witnessing with students at Harvard University and at abortion clinics, etc.
  • Managed a large prototype shop of 40 people. Developed systems, methods (such as time standard metrics for tracking employee efficiency), and documentation for exporting production to off-shore manufacturing facilities
  • Developed robots and laser systems and other complex automated machines in the semiconductor industry for many years in roles such as senior engineer/project engineer
  • Developed prototypes such as loudspeaker systems, electric water craft, etc.
  • Many leadership roles with youth such as summer camps, weekly programs for boys and girls (similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), Bible studies, and Sunday school from toddler age, etc.
  • Started real estate development and carpentry businesses
  • Started computer and technology businesses

Organization-Wide Strategic Process

Guiding all of our strategic activities is the golden rule, love your neighbor as yourself, which we will accomplish by implementing the following three step Strategic Process. In the process of loving God, loving our neighbors, and developing true unity in Christ, the Holy Spirit will move mightily through us in ways that are not humanly possible. The world will take notice and many will come to believe in Christ and follow Him (John 17:21).

Practically every person believes in the golden rule and knows they should follow it and every institution in the world is based on it. For example, Thomas Edison’s light bulb was something he used himself and he also shared its benefits with everyone else. The smart phone is something that its inventors also make use of. Education, religion, and entertainment, etc., are all things that people make use of even if they are leaders in developing or marketing it. These are all examples in some way of loving your neighbor as yourself. However, many times the “love” is really not based on an intention of giving and is self-centered and based on receiving profit or recognition, etc. We call this the “currency” of receiving (e.g. money or pride). Therefore, we are proposing another “currency” based on love, humility and giving rather than receiving. We feel that this is God’s true intention of the golden rule.

If the golden rule is used properly, as God intended, with the “currency” of giving, then it will produce many times greater results than improperly used with self-centered intentions or the “currency” of receiving.

The World Revival Strategic Process is based on the “currency” of giving rather than receiving…

  1. Love God. God first gave to us (atheist, pagan, non-believer and religious people alike) by spreading out the universe so immensely and beautifully with all of its wonders for our enjoyment and discovery. He covered the earth with life and such beauty including rich, hidden resources. Simply living one’s life, all by itself, can be so enjoyable and so all-consuming that many people do not even have a thought of God. This sad situation actually demonstrates how good and loving God really is. But, all of this wasn’t enough. God even sent Jesus his only Son to die in our place for our wrong doing. Jesus redeemed us and saved us so that if we repent and turn towards him as Lord we would have eternal life. God first gave us all this unimaginable extravagant, reckless love, demonstrating the golden rule himself, even as he knew we were going to fail him and be selfish and use it all for our own self-indulgent purposes. Therefore, because of God’s extravagant love and goodness to us, let us likewise first give back to God continual love, praise, service, and obedience with all that we have and with all of our strength!
  2. Love others. The more we love God, the more he will pour more and more of his supernatural love and power back into us in addition to what he has already done. Jesus said in Luke 6:38 (NIV) “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” The more full of God’s love we become, through more and more loving, praising, meditating on the scriptures, and serving him, the more we are transformed into his likeness. His love comes through us, overflowing out of us to others, like rivers of living water, to give to others extravagantly, recklessly, with supernatural transforming power according to their needs to help carry their burdens and develop their talents, gifts, and abilities (See Ezekiel 47).
  3. Develop unity. The definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 can be divided into three sections or spheres: Acceptance, Humility, and Building Up others. Pride and anger “in the flesh” causes one to become self-righteous and want to tear down someone else and reject them and pull away or disconnect and cause division. The three spheres of love are the opposite of these negative qualities. When people feel accepted and loved unconditionally by others they feel safe. They also feel significant because they are being humbly built up in their dreams, talents, gifts, and abilities and their needs are being met. This creates an irresistible attraction. They want to be part of the overflowing of God’s love, like the river of living water found in Ezekiel 47. Others will also want to join in the revival. And the cycle repeats itself in their lives as they start from item #1 in this process. God’s love exponentially multiplies creating more love and unity between people who are being transformed and want to bless others with God’s supernatural love and power and the “currency” of giving.

Interactive Venn Diagram: Three Qualities of Love Produce Unity from Brokenness

The definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 can be divided into three sections or spheres: Acceptance, Humility, and Building Up others. Pride and human anger ‘in the flesh’ causes one to feel self-righteous and look down on another rather than having humility, there is a tendency to tear down rather than build up, and reject or pull away rather than accept. The three spheres of God’s love are the opposite of these negative qualities. When people feel loved and accepted unconditionally and humbly by others they feel safe. They also feel significant because they are being built up in their dreams, talents, gifts, and abilities and their needs are being met. God’s love, expressed in this scriptural balance, creates an irresistible attraction. People want to be part of the overflowing of God’s love, like in the river of living water found in Ezekiel 47. Others will also want to join in and revival naturally takes place. The cycle repeats itself in everyone’s lives. God’s transforming love exponentially multiplies creating more love and unity between people who are being transformed and want to bless others with God’s supernatural love…

Poly Area1 Poly Area2 Circle Area2 Circle Area3 Circle Area4 Circle Area1

UnityCovenant.com Venn Diagram2-Color, 550x550

How do we use the Unity Venn Diagram?

In any situation ask yourself the following three questions (while also keeping each of the sub-bullets in mind) and encourage others to do the same: “Am I building up others? Am I being humble? Am I making others feel accepted?”

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Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop ministries to accomplish the vision, mission, and plan, such as our Entrepreneurs InC., Child Equipping Center and Free Skilled Labor ministries.
  2. Partner with other ministries who agree with the vision and mission, etc.
  3. Receive financial support of $140,000 salary for at least one full time staff top leadership position.
  4. Receive $77,700 for renovation of ministry center house.
  5. Receive $777,000 for a nearby building in Quincy, MA for ministry and staff.
  6. Receive $7,770,000 to purchase a ministry center in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA for a worship and prayer center, offices, and training facilities for students, staff, pastors, and volunteers. There may be approximately $1,000,000 additional needed for renovations.
  7. Receive yearly salaries for several staff of at least $240,000.